Est.: 1997
Hometown: Stemwarde
Influence: Skateboarding
Material: Canadian maple,
handcrafted papers, light, aluminum, other stuff
Info: info@zweitleben.net
how to make it yours
Do you like something
  you see here or do you
  have a different idea?
Do you bring your own
  material, like a board?
  (The amount of boards I
  have in stock is limited)
What colour and style
  should the board or
  light have?
Do you want text or
  logos cut out?
Anything else to think
It doesn´t necessarily
  have to be a skateboard.
This isn´t my dayjob so
  please have a bit of
Just contact me...
a word on prices
Most of the pieces in the galeries are not available. They´re prototypes used for exhibition or already given away. But most of them can be rebuilt on request.
As this is no webshop I
won´t be showing any prices. They depend on the amount of time the planning and work takes, as well as material costs.
If you´re interested please contact me and tell me your idea so we can talk about prices.
It began with my old boards from the early nineties...
Hanging on the wall next to each other, worn down and broken. Quite boring after a while. So I took them and built the first big orange lamp.
Some ideas later I ran out of boards and started collecting them from my friends and at the local skatepark. As the „collection“ grew, the idea of ZweitLeben came to mind and this is where we are today.
The main idea behind ZweitLeben is to build unique and custom pieces on request. Concerning your input and desires. Every item is a single piece and maybe even made from your own old board...
At the moment I do all of this in my spare time, next to loads of other things. But I´m passionate about pushing things forward and building new pieces.
So enjoy this site and be inspired. And after that... turn off your computer and go skateboarding! Or try longboarding instead! Anywas, have fun! Cheers, Alex